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International Day of our Respect (IntDooR)

Universal Wish for Worldwide Freedom


Let's do a united wish for freedom and peace every year on the first of January to support the fieldworkers of world peace spiritually.

Express your desirable involvement for world peace through your unique spirit in a way that makes you feel right about.

Remember positive and joyful events. Pray or wish for Peace in our World/Universe. Take a deep breath and inflate this balloon as big as a football, not much bigger than that.

Tie the balloon and put it with love somewhere.



Logo symbolizes the mighty Universe:

PI=Personal Intention for Peace Inspiration

pi = transcendental number (big or small)

IntDooR =International Day of our Respect

Short: IDR = Identity Respect (ID Respect)


Mountain = Everest (highest point)

Water = The Sea (lowest point)

Elephant = biggest creature on land

Whale = biggest creature in water

Flowers represent plants/forest

All-embracing Air connects all of us

Orange = colour of sunrise/sunset

Balloon represents Earth + all planets

People only can take action for Peace


Freestyle Meditation (FM)

Everybody can simply practice Freestyle Meditation everywhere and always. This means you do not need a teacher. You can do this all the way by yourself to create your own Inner Peace.

All you need is to concentrate you upon the way you are breathing at a certain moment just to feel how life and spirit are flowing through your body and mind. The result will be inner peace.


Instructions to Freestyle Meditation (FM)

1. Just attend a moment to your inner self to get silent as often, as long as you prefer and everywhere you can afford that. This can vary from 1 minute to 1 hour or more depended on your own circumstances Sometimes even for a few seconds to sort your thoughts..

2. Prepare your body by doing some stretching. Be aware of the tension in your body: eyes, cheeks, tongue, shoulders, stomach, etc.

3. According to what you prefer: take a seat, lay down or even stand up, but get relaxed and comfortable.

4. Focus inward: watch your heartbeat and breathing and how busy your mind is.

5. Observe what the action of your 5 senses (eye, ears, nose, skin, sound).

6. Find out if you are enjoying inner peace. If yes, then you are a born talent.

7. If not, then focus on your breathing:

While breathing in, feel how the air enters your nose, windpipe and fills your lungs nicely.

While breathing out, feel how the air leaves your body from lungs, windpipe and nose or mouth. After a few times you will automatically continue breathing even and deeply.

8. Repeat the action of point 7 as long as you think is necessary or the time you can spent. While doing this you will experience that the actions of point 4 and 5 are making progress in a direction that makes you feel calm and peaceful.

9. This is the indisputable bases of all kind of meditation and for life itself. Everybody who wants to live, must breathe and to live well one has to breathe well first.

10. After some time of practising this FM(Freestyle Meditation) frequently you will discover that tension is slowing down, your actions more relaxed and your faith is growing.

11. The miracle of this meditation is that you are totally free and that fills your heart, the centre of your life, with joy, which will be expressed by your actions and behaviour. Nobody was ever been taught in breathing and every body automatically does that, because all of us are connected with the universal knowledge. That is why we simply start breathing directly from the moment we were born.

12. In daily life when stress is entering your body (road traffic, meeting, shopping), focus just on your breathing for a short time and you will feel freshen up. At home you can spend more time to practise FM(Freestyle Meditation), then you can close your eyes, which will help you to intensify your focus inward. Now you can try to expand your focus on how the energy is flowing through your body to create a balance between body and mind.

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