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Yoko Ono was present at the 2003 Biennale in Venice (Italy)
http://www.e-flux.com/projects/utopia (see nr 82 for Yoko's Imagine Peace)
And now, she stamps IMAGINE PEACE on worldmaps!
These newsbits thanks to Richard Joly of the Onovox list
(March 2003) Peace Event for John Lennon,
each and everyone can play a part.

Her accompanying advertisements in US newspapers did read:

Spring 2003
Yoko Ono Lennon

Article about the ads:
Yoko invites everyone to print T-shirts and posters with this intriguing text.

The newest format is square, and the small text has disappeared - the idea is now 'for the world'. http://www.jeclique.com/onoweb/imagine_peace_repropc.pdf


The weekend of 15/16 Feb 2003 brought The biggest peace marches in history. Worldwide, 793 cities and places (webpage takes some time to load with slow connections) planned an event, on all continents, in all timezones. Countless individuals and organizations decided to hold protests against a looming war in Middle-East increasingly. It has gained momentum that weekend in a worldwide outpour of being a stand for peace. By the hour, new cities and places joined. (Not) surprisingly, all gatherings were peaceful, an unprecedented achievement of 'We the People' - and a promise for future directives. See for ongoing reports and upcoming actions http://www.unitedforpeace.org

A highly inspiring movement was the BEYOND WAR movement in the USA in the 80's. One of the ways to reach an end to war was to challenge the Pentagon strategists in seeing the military in a new way. What could become the army's function when peace was attained or endeavoured for.
By sheer actuality: Can the troops (under supervision of UN forces) encamped in Iraq honestly fulfill humane tasks like distribute food, secure clean water, improve sanitation, facilitate intermediate technology workshops, tackle agricultural and cultural richness, attend regained dignity for women via e.g. micro-credits, facilitate or enhance democratic decision structures. No need then for the soldiers to be drugged... by opium from Afghanistan?
Side remark: The as horrible presented regime of the once US-supported Taliban could end opium farming in only a few years. Afghanistan is back as world's number one opium producer since the USA invaded in Oct 2001!!!

Accidentally, I found a source link to the history of Beyond War,

and the present day. http://www.globalcommunity.org - http://traubman.igc.org/global.htm

We are all one humanity. It is time to disempower the greedy few grabbing resources and still believing they are entitled to be dominators. Admittedly, it is a tough decision for the b'sh's and the(ir) money lenders - the world as one on the one side, or otherwise possessed by trillions of dollars in oil and other dead matter after they have seen themselves winning the war(s).
They have already lost that extremely bloody game by cosmic decree, only the(ir) mass media do not dare to admit it and make us believe in the victory of ignorance instead. It is 'We the People' who are once again called to take a stand NOW. Show that the emperors are naked. Declare your website a zone of dialogue, invent a matching content, share inspirational and inspired projects. Co-creation is fun and joy, and much more challenging than to be dragged to spying and lying and war.


An exciting approach to visualize the ridicule of war comes from women. A new movement http://www.gatherthewomen.org does various actions to change the war-mongering to life-preserving and sustainable means that dignify the human family. They are prepared to take drastic measures to awaken the sullied and lulled mass media consumers. To give a hint of the direction this took:

Nude women protest war [again]; men also demonstrate

Point Reyes Light - January 2, '03
BARING WITNESS AGAINST WAR - Ninety-four mostly West Marin [California, USA] women on Sunday used their naked bodies to spell out PEACE on Drake's Beach.

This time 24 men also demonstrated in the buff, creating a large peace symbol on the beach. Organizer Donna Sheehan of Marshall said the demonstrations were a "precursor to the mass naked demonstrations in San Francisco and Washington, DC, on January 18." Sheehan said she expects "a 100,000 people - men and women - to disrobe for Peace" at that time. Sunday's female protesters expressed the "desperation of women" opposed to the Bush Administration's plans for war with Iraq. Sheehan said, adding that the men by forming the international peace symbol were showing "solidarity with the women against global domination and war."

Fifty women mounted a similar demonstration in Point Reyes Station November 12 '02

---- Photos were at www.ptreyeslight.com (week Nov 14, 2002 and Jan 2, '03)
This movement has gained momentum, many other places have followed, see


(Updated 6 August '04) Two stateless World Citizens, Ken Nichols and Chris Smith were organizing buses for people to act as a human shield in Iraq. It started in London, with stops in Paris, Amsterdam, Germany, Italy, etc. They picked up candidates on the way. Ken gave several interviews on as well radio as TV, and BBC World provided cameras to report. They were forced to end this action in March 03 and Chris had then plans for a music peace festival. Most recently, Chris was stricken with kidnapping of his youngest daughter http://www.freedome.org

More information: http://www.uksociety.org

Ken's newest Initiative is to mobilise 10,000 Western Citizens, the P10K Force, to the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and document all [eventual] acts of terrorism, as defined by law.

(1 Sep 03) Flash Mobs The newest outrage, flashmobs http://www.flashmob.com/ have also reached the Netherlands. A mass of spontanely gathered individuals flock in one particular place (communicated by Internet or SMS only hours before) and behave in unexpected ways for a few minutes only. They disperse then as soon as they appeared. Several websites suggest that it should not be politically motivated. Noticeably, many of them are happening in (or somewhat connected with) big warehouses or shops and consumerism...

In contrary, the website http://www.flashprotest.org gives interesting background information how this phenomenon could be used for the growing self-organization of the peace movement. There, it is stated that one of the initiating moments of swarming may have been the 1999 World Trade WTO event in Seattle. The idea of smartmobs derives also from the social communication forms of large groups of ants and bees. http://www.indymedia.org had some links in an article on 12 August which point to sources like the book 'Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution' by Howard Rheingold. His website http://www.smartmobs.com provides a growing body of information, a weblog and important links.