NET stands for Inter-net. As an introduction, i would like to share some thoughts / insights with you.

Internet - a concept of 14,000 years ago?

EVERY truth is a story; i don't remember how and when i got the following story, but i have the feeling to be part of it in one way or another... -

First, a remark to put whatever you read here in perspective.
We tend to incarnate as soul-families, that is to say we are voluntary delegates of a group-soul (who in the end shall reach unity in diversity). Meetings from person to person may therefore have more influence than we might think. - To be egoistic or vain is a misconception. We are in the best case TRANSMITTERS of higher truths.

Internet is a clumsy attempt to recreate some concepts which were established on Planet Earth about 14,000 (fourteen thousand!) years ago.

Back in these times there (most probably) existed an island in the Middle-American region, called Mu / Lemuria. Because it was hidden in clouds, only the ones who knew about it could arrive there.

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It harbored one of the most advanced civilizations yet in human history. Knowing the nature of the average Earth-inhabitants, it was all too clear then that great catastrophes could destroy everything what was established so far on Earth. Out of mercy, generosity, compassion and prudence, it was decided that all the then present knowledge should be preserved for the future. Because of the already foreseen possibility of a nuclear threat, it could not have any dense material form. Ideally, the collective knowledge should be accessable by everyone at all times.

This is the origin of the Akashic records. It is kind of a thought form, not material, nor immaterial. Mind-projected to a safe place in space, it is accessable by every human being. To my present understanding, it works like this:

Begin with a well-formulated question. A precise thought will have the best results. Then empty the mind completely. The real value in this kind of meditation lies in letting-go of any preconceived ideas, beliefs, worries, thoughts. They cloud the pure knowledge gathered by all of us through all the ages.

By sending the precise question into space and emptying y/ourself, a reflection of the Akashic records is sent back which can be matched like two transparent slides.

The real truth is so vast, that it cannot be encompassed by limited thoughts and beliefs. Because we could be shattered by it, for our own safety we have accepted a lot of distortions in the form of learned or picked-up limitations. This lets us understand why a seemingly simple-minded person may have more profound insights than a highly-educated professor. It also reveals why the same invention can surface in different minds in far-away places at the same time. The very moment a new insight has been made, it is stored in the akashic records, and in principle available for everyone...

The thrilling thing about the late twentieth century is that we recreate in a limited material way the spiritual worlds. To give another example: By taking a plane we cross huge distances in a few hours. Speed is the great issue. But we have forgotten that we could be everywhere all the time, without any means of physical transportation. No jet-lag, no air-pollution, no accidents, no hijacks, no travel-costs.

To conclude with the comparison between the akashic records and the Internet: The more precise a question in a search-engine is formulated, the better the results. Of course, the material limitations (slow connection, unprofessional definition of the keywords, wrong search, not everyone has access to the Internet, only a small percentage of the sites on the Internet are special, etc.) will show. Still, it might turn out to be a new and promising step.
Everything is simple.
Fortunately, more and more important breakthroughs acknowledge this simple fact. It frees us from un-needed complicated intellectual mind constructions. And lets us wonder why it took so long to come to this simple insight.

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