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We are all ONE ! (part 2)

To fully comprehend this, i would like to share some more thoughts, as well as projects to join. Each of us 7 billion facets of the ONE has a part of the solution. Via Internet and personal contacts, we will find ways to contribute to the whole. Have a go!

As we entered the new Millennium, new energies surfaced the earthly realities. Our planet seems in a state of upheaval. The question remains: What do we perceive? And what do we want to? If we believe in disaster, sure enough disaster will happen. A better option is to strive for unity, for creative inspiration to address the challenges ahead, for a glorious now.

Many connections and networks / initiatives presented throughout this site were established or referred to first when i attended a meeting in the USA to celebrate the 500th day before the year 2000.

On 19th August 1998, the 'Countdown-Day500 to the third Millennium' happened in Klamath Falls OR (USA),

Via e-mail lists and visiting websites i gradually got in contact with various individuals and groups who endeavoured to hold a positive vision for the years to come. It culminated in a real meeting on Aug 18-20 1998 to celebrate Countdown-Day 500 in Klamath Falls, Oregon (USA). There i have met many 'new' friends and shared plans to organize Day 100 (23rd Sept, which was also my 47th birthday...) here in the Netherlands / Amsterdam - as a step-up to the huge celebrations on 1st January 2000 or proposedly year Zero* which could symbolize the newly re-membered human unity.

*For some unusual reflections /solutions(??) regarding the Y2K Millennium computer 'problem' and related insights, click
A co-organizer of the Countdown Gathering was Hillel Schwartz, affiliated then with the Millennium Institute, Arlington VA, see http://www.millenniumworld.org He was in Amsterdam in November 1999, and i did an interview with him on Kleurnet, a local TV station, about Millennium opportunities/challenges/insights drawn on his observations of historic trends.

The author Linda Grover who co-hosted the Day500 Gathering wrote a novel with the title 'Tree Island'. She outlines in it how the whole of humanity could prepare for a peaceful new Millennium, beginning with a meal for everyone.

Click on the banner above for their new website and to order the book. You may alternatively buy via
http://www.amazon.com or http://www.barnesandnoble.com
or via
us (temporarily, only locally).

Read a report of the Gathering on the
PLAns page - also for more, and other upcoming projects.

Many individuals and groups promote peace and higher consciousness by coordinated worldwide meditation projects.

During such a Worldwide Meditation for Peace in Iraq on 21-28 Feb 1998, i found the inspiration to write

............A Secret Sacred Story /
Hollands:..Een geheim gewijd verhaal

Deutsch:...Eine geheime geweihte Geschichte

Italiano:...Una storia Segreta /

Français:..Une histoire Sacrée secrète

first published on 28th Feb 1998, which was also the 30th birthday of humanity's future city Auroville. -

Photo of Matrimandir, the manifesting spiritual center of Auroville (photo unknown)
A source with more Auro- background info:

Worldwide meditations are called for the benefit of this planet. You find a lot of information and updates via Barbara Wolf's http://www.globalmeditations.com
On 22nd August 1998, a RealVideo meditation was broadcast for the first time live via Internet at the Amenia Peace Festival in New York (i was fortunate to have been there after the wonderful experience in Klamath Falls), details at
http://www.WorldPuja.org (to participate actively, you may need to register first).

(At the planetwork.org-links page you will find many more contact points.)

The first Award! Received right at the beginning of 1999. Started in England, (then mirrored in the USA http://www.caleha.com/internat.htm )

End of July 1999, the second Award came via the Guestbook!

Early member of the WorldPeace2000 Webring (Alas,the Ring did not function well anymore.)

If you arrived here via the Webrings, you have missed a 'mindexpander'.
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In 1998, i created an Online Forum on Delphi.

It was called "ParadiseNow". With the message board, you can view discussion topics quickly in the left-hand column and read up to 20 messages at a time. You can even attach files (pictures and sounds) directly to messages. Options include real-time Chat, announcements, and custom web pages.

Use the personalized "My Delphi" feature at http://forums.delphiforums.com/my-delphi to keep track of new messages in forums. In order to provide personalized services and access control, you'll need to go through a quick registration if you've never used Delphi before. It only takes a minute and it's free! (Personal note: i experienced so far that Delphi is cautious with the submitted information.)

....on Performa 6200 ,iMac DV, and an iBook (with MacOS 9.2).

The Internet PLAZA....http://www.tip.nl (became http://www.tiscali.nl and then http://www.telfort.nl)

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Geheim verhaal - Eurowood - Haagse Vredesconferentie -
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Una storia segreta
Une histoire sacrée sécrète