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This postcard design for 1999 was a plea to find the fitness needed to realize many many creative and uniting events, leading to a peaceful and sharing /caring spirit for the millennium to come.

Illustration by Luiz Yudo, concept © 1986/1998 by Freed Schmitter / Aurelio Toscani
Interested in our creative power? Contact via Typos Concepts,
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To create (or find those created by others*) unique new transformative symbols that explain or make understandable the human unity in a simple way is my main concern. A symbol / logo / picture is communicating in a more profound way than words. Therefore i mainly focus on developing visually appealing signs of unity, which at the same time transmit positive energy. The
PLANETWORK logo of the index page and shaded here in the background is considerably my best proof until now. See the net2 and the @ section for further examples.

* This awesome design is called the Earth Flower (South and North). It is presented and explained in detail in the 'Tree Island' book. Perceived by the author Linda Grover and designed by Robert Bernard (as i understood).

Click on the banner above, You may alternatively order the book via http://www.amazon.com or http://www.barnesandnoble.com or http://www.frontstage.com or via us (temporarily, only locally).

    The Earth Flower is a visual expression of the core project presented in ''TreeIsland': January 1st 2000 as a day of peace, and everyone on Earth will have a meal to share. To realize this, a collaboration and linking-up between a huge number of people and organizations is essential. To facilitate such a gigantic task, the world would be divided in the 24 natural time zones. Each one of these 24 time zones consists of money-rich and culture-rich countries / counties, oceans and a piece of Ant-/Arctic. Seen in this perspective, new challenges and new opportunities are ahead for all.

    Many new friends i met in the USA at the Tree Island Day500 Gathering co-hosted by Linda Grover and Hillel Schwartz:
    Ken Kalb
    http://www.lightshift.com, Kate Lutz http://www.light2000.com, Steve Diamond and Bob Silverstein http://www.oneday.org, http://www.oneday.net; Michael Contardi / John Francis representing http://www.peaceday2000.com, Javier Creus from Barcelona http://www.wam2000.org, Marv Lyons at http://www.gaialink.com, sometimes, you can find on his site more fine photos of the Gathering like this one:

    Peter Rosen's various projects:
    http://creativity.net, Zeren Earl representing http://www.firstnightintl.org, Laurence McGilvery's enormous literary attempt with the http://www.countdowncalendar.com, Fred Stern the Rainbow Man, Alan Moore the butterfly and peace action man at http://prop1.org/protest/bga/, Catherine Margerine of Milenio, Ed Elkin representing Planetary Activation Organization and Jean Hudon's Earth Rainbow Network, Peace Pilgrim II via http://www.pilgrim2.com, Tom Esakin for Vancouver2000.bc.ca, Beth Skye of Magical Child Foundation, Greg Wright promoting the Millennium Snapshot and Globalideasbank, Jeff Reiss representing Peace Poles, Ed Johnson of Eco-Communications Intl, Ed Rippey presenting Earth Charter, George Heiner and Lane Brechbill for http://www.club2000.com, Christopher Murray of Catalyst Youth Network, Penny McManigal's Weaving the Dream, not to forget the Millennium People's Assembly Network, Peace in Prison, etc.
    Crescent Diamond, Ron Taylor for LightOn Video Prod. and David Lionel did a video documentation of the event. Numerous helpers, representatives, school children of Klamath Falls, plus delegations of the Klamath Tribe did contribute to an event that i will always remember with joy and gratitude. Browsing the Planetwork.org site, you will find many events and projects that i came to know of from the contacts during this first meeting.

    The participant who traveled the longest distance was Yermentay Sultanmurat from Almaty, Kazakstan. Several times we have met again, in May/September 2000 he published a booklet: 'Transformation of the World' presenting the concept of a wise people's self government DAKHAB.


    i envisioned that the 'Tree Island' project could be launched internationally at the Hague Appeal for Peace (11-15th May 1999), a world-meeting to honour the 100th anniversary of the first International Peace Conference in The Hague.
    Linda Grover is living presently (beginning 2000) in the vicinity of the Capitol in Washington DC. As a former congress woman, she is now lobbying in the White House. The official Y2K advisor of the White House declared to be very sympathetic to the project. A Millennium / Y2K Washington DC network with some 300 organizations formed. Talks with the Vice-President, his wife, the President of the USA, the First Lady, and Congress members have taken place, see now website

    top In May 1999, Linda Grover was in the Netherlands. We prepared the international launch of the Millennium Meal during the Hague Appeal for Peace. Several of the Klamath Falls gatherers were present (besides Linda): Fred, Bob, Peace Pilgrim II, Ed, David, Catherine, Bruce, Freed, and Rob Wheeler, Lois Nicolai, etc.

      Report Hague Appeal Rainbow / Millennium Meal launch:

      On Wednesday 6th May, a short article appeared in the free newspaper of the Hague 'de Posthoorn' to announce the above-mentioned rainbow. On Friday, Fred and i had an appointment with the Fire department in the Hague to make a selection from the necessary materials. Caused by a moment of miscommunication, an accident happened. Fortunately, it turned out to be not grave in the end.

      Rehearsal was on Saturday afternoon. Due to Mystèr TV (now Kleurnet, an Amsterdam Cable TV station by Luc Sala - http://net.info.nl), this successful rainbow was documented.

      Thanks to the support of Luc Sala (press releases, adresses, etc.) some press representants were present on Tuesday afternoon: the NOS (Dutch TV), a Hague Appeal for Peace camerateam, and others. We experienced an impressive rainbow in the beautiful park, shared with about 100 witnesses.

      The next day we were rewarded by a huge picture (similar to the one above, of course in much better quality) on the frontpage of the 'Volkskrant', one of the biggest Dutch newspapers. The following day, 100 cabbage butterflies were released as a sign for peace and transformation. The 'Butterfly man' Alan Moore could not make it to the HAP, i had to collect the butterflies personally, alas they were not yet present at the rainbow event.

    The 'Millennium Meal' had a rememberable start on Tuesday, when 4.000 sweet buns were arranged on a huge table (see Artist's impression below) in the form of the continents. Everyone could eat and share a 'krentenbol' while learning about the project. A Latin-american music group helped to draw attention.

    We as the Amsterdam supporting group (Chris, Marijke, Dré, Freed, and others) were striving to find ways to realize this biggest project ever, starting
    January 1st 2000, to enhance and complete the UN-sanctioned Day of Peace. It headed the UN International Year of a Culture of Peace. The period 2001 to 2010 has been declared the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World. It will be wise to benefit from this extraordinary opportunity as much as possible.

    Dr Robert Muller recently was proposed as a Nobel Peace prize candidate for 1999 (the Belgian / Dutch organization Médecins sans Frontières / Artsen zonder Grenzen was laureated instead). 50 years of unceasing work for Peace would have been appropriately crowned finally. He is the one Assistent-Secretary-General wo served under not less than four Secretary-Generals in the United Nations!

    Via the 'Authors for a positive Millennium' he is involved closely in the 'Millennium Meal' project. He was the first to sign the spectacular Millennium Meal table (located near the entry to the Congress Center) on Tuesday 11th May and during the Hague Appeal, a few moments before the rainbow event.

The Millennium Meal
600 D St SE #5
Washington DC 20003
(202) 547-2264 fax
and via this
planetwork.org website.

A Dutch text is
If you want to help or comment in any way,
e-mail us, or write to:
Planetwork, P.O.Box 63123, NL-1005 LC Amsterdam,
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top Find out more about the Hague Appeal for Peace at:

http://www.haguepeace.org and at: http://www.ipb.org/hap
More background info:

Mon and Tue 17th-18th May, the Official Governmental Meeting took place in the 100 years old Peace Palais / International Court of Justice.
Parallel to this, a
Spiritual Conference 'World Peace - Inner Peace' with magnificent contributors happened nearby in Noordwijkerhout, from 18th to 20th May 1999. (info at http://www.healingarts.net/hspaat/hosp99.html, and via St. Davidhuis Rotterdam, tel. +3110 - 412 3442, e-mail: davidhuis@hetnet.nl ). This event was initiated by aforementioned Robert Muller, see http://www.robertmuller.org .

The United Nations of Youth UNOY (read: You Know Why) organised on 6 - 16 May in the context of the HAP its '2nd Global Youth Peace Conference: Empowering Youth in non-violent Conflict Resolution, Reconciliation and Building Cultures of Peace'.

UNOY, phone (+31)299 - 436093. e-mail: unoy@unoy.org
and via their reconstructed website:

Solutions to burning questions: Via Internet, the many individuals who all have a part of the puzzle can connect. This website PLANETWORK.ORG is set up to play a role in this and serve you.
An example worth to know of:
The UNO Income for all Mankind has an unusual approach for a new world economy. In this plan of Pieter Kooistra (who died in 1998), an additional income of 250 UN dollars is created for every citizen of Planet Earth. Find more details at: http://www.uno-inkomen.org.
I imagine a combination with the UNILETS plan that was presented in May 2000 during the Millennium Forum in New York. (see

Soon here: the first CREATIVITAL:

(animation still in preparation - are you interested to help?)

(This page slightly updated: 11 February 2002)

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