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This site is rich in content, ready to experience. Take some time to explore. It is an ever-expanding essay, i would call it my testament. The site will gradually be enhanced with more interactive features, for your delight and joy.
Countless links and sidemarks are woven in all the pages, and you will have the opportunity to take notice of, or even better join, a great variety of initiatives and actions. The core message is 'we are all one' - each one diverse. To find adjacent fields to y-our oneness and interests leads to expand y-our mind/world. Understanding builds bridges. 2000 was initiated by all the (living) Peace Nobel prize winners as 'The International Year for the Culture of Peace'. It was followed by the as well UN-proclaimed 'Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World' 2001-2010. We are past this decade now, and Peace (i like more: Unity) has become once again a glaring necessity. The key is right here - it begins inside, in y-our mind...

A special meditation called One Second for Peace is here.

On Monday 19th July 1999, the 6-billionth Earth inhabitant was expected to be born (according to US Census Bureau). The United Nations celebrated the "Day of 6 Billion" three months later, on October 12, 1999.

World Population Milestones
1 billion in 1804 -
2 billion in 1927 (123 years later) -
3 billion in 1960 ( 33 years later) -
4 billion in 1974 ( 14 years later) -
5 billion in 1987 ( 13 years later) -
6 billion in 1999 ( 12 years later)
6,5 billion in 2006
7 billion in 2011
Source: United Nations Population Division.

Although it seems like there is not enough food for everyone, this is not the case. It is a matter of distribution, and of course a decision to share the available resources, as well as to address the challenge. Peter Russell (http://www.peterussell.com), in his book and video The Global Brain, concluded that the brain is composed of 10 billion independent parts of the whole, and compared this perfect setup to an ideal planet Earth. According to this scenario, Mother Earth would have some room to grow to its self-sustaining proportions.
Due to the extraordinary proces the Earth is going through right now, a high number of entities are eager to be born to witness an absolutely unique consciousness shift at hand. Ever wondered why recently born children are so wise??
It is PLANETWORK.ORG's attempt to gather a multitude of projects and facts via this site to facilitate the paradigm shift NOW.
Happy reading!

Every day we meet new people.

By establishing many different contacts and sharing important experiences and life-lessons, we learn to know ourselves better at the same time.
Meeting someone not only establishes a connection-thread between those two persons, but also a (minor) link to all those who ever met with both of them(!).

This is the explanation of the above statement: WITHOUT KNOWING IT, YOU MAY ALREADY BE PART OF PLANETWORK.

Welcome. Glad to meet you - - - again.

I am he
as you are he /
as you are me /
as we are all together

These lines from The Beatles (published in November 1967 courtesy Northern Songs, as the beginning of the Magical Mystery Tour track 'I am the Walrus' obviously written by John Lennon) intrigued me then right away. But only many years later these words took on some meaning.

WE ARE ALL ONE. Easier said than imagined in all the consequences.

Questions of origin. Are we accidentally born in a certain country? Did we choose, or eventually even bring together our parents BEFORE we chose to be born? - What are the lessons for us to learn being part of a certain family, tribe, group, clan? Why are we living now, in the first decades of the third Millennium AD, in a specific environment - gifted with special abilities, particular preferences, and certain likings?

Our child(ren) or our parents may have been in an earlier life our father, our mother, our son, our daughter, or a relative, or a close friend.

- The time and place of birth shapes our character and possibilities. (More on this here.) - Although each of us 7 billion earth inhabitants is unique, we are all interconnected as well. Each time we are born, we add to our basic experience. We may choose extreme opposites (beggar-thief-king-guru) to better understand one-ness, and later more common lives to learn mastery and integration. - The difference today is that we can choose to experience several lives in one life, instead of lifetimes.

- The ongoing individualization and seperatedness does lead therefore (curiously enough) to understand even better that we are all ONE !

A love, a friendship is another fine way to experience: We are all ONE.

ONE GLOBAL FAMILY. --- Internet is an exciting way to vastly comprehend this.

The Internet is like a living organism. Every moment, new cells are born, and connections are established with the whole, to renew and transform the body.

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