We Are All One - Consequencies of Unity
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WE ARE ALL ONE - Consequences of Unity

An extremely severe consciousness condition has just shown up:
The Multiple-BILLION-Personality Syndrome!
(19th April 2001)

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Let us first assume that the statement 'We are All One' makes sense. The main section of the site attempts to explore ways to unity in diversity. The key question is: how to implement such a vast reality into the present political and social framework?
The cusp of the new Millennium may then become the springboard to eternity, the fulfilment of a eon-long striving to crown Creation with Humanity's next evolution step (called for example the
Supramental, according to the Indian philosopher and r-evolutionary Sri Aurobindo).

At the moment of writing the first version (end of May 1999), a part of Europe and the USA were at war. The NATO intervened on its own account in the precarious situation in former Yugoslavia, resulting in bombing of Kosovo and surroundings. A heavy media coverage suggested that one of the political leaders of this region, Milosevic, was acting out a scheme of systematically killing all his enemies. To dramaticise this statement, the situation was compared to genocide, dramatically experienced (e.g. with gypsies, then and now) during the Second World War.

Who is telling the truth in this? Immense economic interests on the side of the war-industries and related elites have risen doubts about the selfless character of this newest example of missed unity.

Seen in the light of the aforementioned statement 'We Are All One' humanity is challenged to work out new solutions to re-member its unity. Every individual manifestation of our 6 billion tribe is related to every other one. Milosevic is a part of One, and to name another: Saddam Hussein (the Iraqi leader in the nineties) as well. To find the-ir representation inside y/ourself, and connect it (as a start) in mind to apparently more harmonious exponents of Humanity we know of, could turn out to be a promising attempt.

Nota bene: You do not have to sanction or approve any action that these possible 'dictators' eventually did, just allow the/ir harmony-part draw to the surface, and blend it with y/our harmony-aspects.
This generosity may prevent suffering or 'destroying' of innumerable parts of y/ourself. If a substantial portion of the One will act in this way, wounds caused by misunderstandings of the past and present will heal.


In my vision, i see a TV-network comparable to CNN, but focussing solely on reporting on / restoring unity for All. Normally, the news is presented with a focus on hate and disastrous events. My suggestion is to pick up the given hotspots of the worldnews in first instance, but then to search people and movements there who are working on transformation and unity. The most creative minds in unifying and forgiving will be invited worldwide to voice insights and offer contributions. Co-operation of all who feel compelled is encouraged and carried further by means of interactivity. With participation through Internet-like and forum-kind structures, everyone can take part in this enlightening adventure simultaneously.
All this to promote the spirit of unity in diversity, the real challenge for the new Millennium.


UNITV proposal (please respect my copyright © 1998-2001, version 1.1, 5 October 2001)

Due to a key experience in Spring 1975, i was able to perceive the complete unity of all 6 billion humans here on Earth. Ever since, i attempt to translate the then envisioned and sensed unity in a practical and communicable form. One of the symbols that i developed for this reason is shown here in the background and in an evolved form on the index page.

Television can be a suitable medium to develop a unity spirit. This is the vantage point of this UNITV proposal.

Often, conflict zones become acualized worldwide via TV in particular. This happens predominantly with a negative connotation. (Impending) Wars, disasters and political implications are the main ingredients of our daily TV and radio menu.

My idea is, to spot exactly in these focus areas those groups and individuals who go beyond all bounderies and demonstrate a lively unity consciousness. Instead of the common numbness and hopeless fear, creative thougths are stimulated and new contexts revealed. Practical concepts and promising projects are developed and exposed. Contacts and partnerships are initiated and supported.

I imagine this program in co-production with the United Nations, hence the name UNITV.

The broadcasts will effectuate an ongoing process. Continuation trajects will eventually branch out in or bring forth other transmission series (inspire other channels?).

Contests for working out the best solutions for lingering matters, threatening catastrophies or newly noticed developments of worldwide scope will become elements of this format.

One example to illustrate this: UNOY (pronounced You Know Why - short for United Nations of Youth) did organize a Caucasian Conference in 1994 in the wake of the Chechnia war. Young people aged 15 to 35 years were representants of all involved groups (some 50!) who were learned to begin a dialogue and share their experiences and dreams for the first time. It could well be that this action, while not having avoided the outbreak of a war two days later, eventually contributed to a much milder series of happenings, and swift negociations.

Peace initiatives of all sorts will form a main ingredient, but there are much more options possible. In particular, easy public adaption and appropriate simplicity of the plans will get a lot of attention.

Culture (of the highest level - the broadcasts are planned for a worldwide audience) will provide highlights in every part. Children of all ages are encouraged to contribute in all phases.

The series can be presented under the flag of the official UNESCO/UN 2001-2010 'International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence (Unity) - for the Children of the World' campaign.


MILLENNIUM MEAL ON TV? Next to the above UNITV proposal, a Millennium Meal TV concept has been developed based on the Millennium Meal project..

top Hot Spots

By understanding history and envisioning a favorable course, obviously the powers on Earth have to fulfill that promise. If we envision unity, inevitably unity will prevail. - Beginning of October 2000, Yugoslavia has transformed from one of the sore spots to a country of hope, most remarkably without a bloodshed. (Which group or individuals did envision unity for this part of the world so strongly that such a miracle could happen before our very eyes? It remains a mystery for the moment.) The European Union was truly overjoyed and decided on 14th October 2000 to give direct help to the democratically chosen president Mr. Kostunica of about $ 200 million to help the Serbs get through the winter. No strings attached for once.

The next hot spot to address is the Near East, There, in the turmoil of the past days, another vision will come to the surface. Jerusalem, a holy city for the three monotheistic religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity) will have to be placed under the custodianship of the United Nations / UNESCO, or the like. All parties involved will be encouraged to contribute their highest deeds, a wonderful consciousness process for peaceful cooperation, a shining exaple for the city, the countries, the Middle East region, for the whole world and for better times to come.

see also this section

Rob Schrama (see subsite Eurowood) was in Jerusalem in November 2000, to prepare for the laser pyramid that we attempted (unsuccessfully) to realize last summer in the Markermeer around Lelystad / Hoorn / Pampus / Almere in the Netherlands. He connected to the Academy of Jerusalem (website ). Dr. Yitzhak Hayut-Man was in Amsterdam for a presentation on 2nd February 2001. A new festival was planned in Spring 2001 where the laser pyramid would be shown. Due to the perilous situation between Palestini and Israelers (a war that is also fought psychologically!), the celebration once again has been postponed, now to December 2001. The rooftops of the center of Old Jerusalem would be a meeting / meditating space. Especially women from Europe, America, the region and the city itself are encouraged to stay in or initiate dialogs among Muslims, Jewish, Christians.

A little known fact, shared by
Zecharia Sitchin, is the existence of a gigantic stone as part of the Whaning Wall. This colossal stone remains one of the world's mysteries. It is unknown how and when it was transported to there from a distant place that was found to be its origin. A hidden secret to be solved when unity and respect will prevail? (By the way: Where is it? Either, i looked over it, or i searched in the wrong place.)


Seven Steps to another Consciousness

(This short essay was my reaction to an article (written by a person named Michael) which was posted in an e-mail (relayed by Chris S., homebase ). It appears to be an additional viewpoint on 'Consequences of Unity', therefore i restate it here.)

Dear friends - Truth. What is truth?
Some time ago i coined a remark. Due to the miserable events that followed (and were intrinsic to) a website-driven group named (if i recall it right), i came to the remark: 'Every Truth is a Story'. My advice is therefore, that you wisely would not state the word 'truth' in an absolute way.

The Divine's ways are inexplicable sometimes, insight and transformation are not accidentally some of humanity's most noble traits. To my present insight, unity is a more interesting concept. Stating that 'we are all one', the prevalent present situation is then an everpresent quest to work on this vision, as much as consciousness goes and circumstances contribute.

Basic assumptions as guiding lines:

1) We create our own realities. In other words, if truth has to be fought for, then surely this becomes a reality. In an enormous effort, truth can finally be established - while it was always here, clouded by a decision in y-our own thinking and endeavour. I suggest therefore the quality of unity. An expanding consciousness will gradually grasp the consequences of oneness.

2) The outside world mirrors our inner state. The christian/judeo/muslim tradition emphasizes sin and punishment. Such a dualistic world needs victims and culprits. A vicious circle with little possibility to escape. An opportunity to end this is by forgiving ourselves first and then others, starting with our parents, partners, children, relatives, friends, on to those who treated us badly, and then ask for forgiveness to the ones we treated badly. A challenging task to learn and master, enough work for months and years to come.

3) Reflecting on our life curriculum, this overview can result in a better oversight of present situations, and in a deliberate choice to create a desired future.

4) Sharing lifestories (for instance the three most transforming events in y-our life) with dear ones reveals both our uniqueness and our sameness. It facilitates access to forgotten qualities, and to compassion.

5) Expression of new-gained insights in various ways of art will honour the highest source and become a means to communicate the path.

6) As a result, work on alternative and more sustainable structures could be initiated, supported, or focused on. The new Millennium excels with ecological (mainly vegetarian) local food, decentralized energy-efficient production, decentralized interest-free time-money systems, humanistic / spiritual education of and for all ages, decentralized holistic health systems, integral smallscale ecocities, interactive communication facilities, environmental-friendly high-efficiency transport, respect for all nature, etc.

7) to be continued eventually.

Have joy.
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What at first sight seems complicated, can often be translated in surprisingly simple ways. - The goal here is to express and share profound insights, while embarking on -xpanding consciousness together. Get inspired and add.

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