Fresh thoughts provoked by the (then suspect) Millennium computer problem:


This seems crazy, but i like to explain a few things on it. - Although it seems like the whole world is living in the year 1998 (date of the initial version), this is not the case. There are many more time-systems around the world. Roughly one third of the Earth's population is entering the year 2000 in a little more than one year. Because (all?) the computers are based on the Christian calendar, it gives the impression that nothing else exists.

With the year Zero (year One?) almost 2000 years ago, the birth of Jesus (Christ) is honoured. Other religions or tribes have taken their most astounding sacred person or event as the base of their calendar calculations.

The inspiration for these thoughts came gradually. In summer 1986 i was asked to design an Ethiopian calendar. Their year then was 1984, starting on the 11th September. Each month has 30 days, a thirteenth month therefore counts about 5 days. I did remember this designwork when i was part of a brainstorm group on Dutch national television (NCRV) during two of the broadcasts in a series called: 'The Idea'. The last one on 20th June 1994 focussed on how we could possibly celebrate the year 2000. I expressed then that i would like to make a calendar where all (major) time systems are listed. Because each calendar is based on the most sacred event of the respective culture, it is well worth to document this, and a valuable way to honor unity in diversity. A fine way to summarize the end of an epoch.
Despite several attempts to realize this project, i could not bring it into existence.

Division was up to now the key-behaviour of the planet Earth's inhabitants. But this most probably comes to an end by the consciousness-shift at hand. Will the energy to re-create unity be strong and fast enough to ground this process by the year 2000 / the proposed new year Zero?

Were therefore the occuring problems with computer-based systems divinely intended??

Recently i found another site that is promoting the YearZero thought since 1996! Computer programmer mr. Alan Dechert has a remarkable website at: He offered me to be the contact person for Europe. After being ridiculed for quite some time, he sees signs that newspapers and magazines plus press services (noticeably Associated Press) are increasingly referring to Year Zero, Year One, Year Two, etc. While sympathetic to his ideas, i am reluctant to follow in this, as any unfamiliar concept is either overlooked or needs an awful lot of explanation which distracts the attention from the main message. Concepts like this are more fitting to be introduced by books or movies, where a context can be developed to communicate new insights.

(added 7 April 2002) A brandnew movie with the title: The Year Zero gives yet another interpretation. It is based on the age-old Mayan calendar, which will end on 20 December 2012. After that, humanity has definitely entered a new time, and this according to Mayan prophecies, would start with the year zero. The system of the moon-based calendar is nothing short of remarkable. Thirteen moon months of 28 days give 52 weeks of 7 days. Day 365 as the extra day 'out of time' will be celebrated 25 July as a day of forgiveness, artistic life and freedom. Since its existence several thousand years ago, it never ever needed an adaption, unlike the Gregorian Julian calendar. There, the irregularities are fixed with a leap year which in very seldom cases will be skipped, and not. A string of pecularities to cope with the natural time span that Earth needs to revolve around the sun. By basing their time measurement on the exact cycle of the moon, the Mayans derived an elegant way to use fixed periods. September, October, November and December get their inherent meaning of seventh, eighth, ninth and thenth 'month' back. More information at

The Y2K issue might have surprisingly elegant solutions. First, the proposed Year Zero. Next (to share with you some results of intensive reflecions) why is it necessary to find all the culprit two-digit year numbers by hand? An impossible gigantic job indeed. Would it not be a better solution to write programs similar to a virus program that intercepts these critical instances, before they would be processed unnoticed? A screen would pop up where an appropriate process or directive can be selected. Another possibility: manufacture a chip that, connected with the critical programs or machines, notices any unregularities and captures it. (Don't know if this is technically sound). If necessary or needed, the data stream / results could be hooked to an Apple computer which concerning the hardware has no Y2K bug at all. In this way, the pioneering Apple company would get finally a well deserved role for their visionary way of designing and thinking differently.

Fear never is a good guiding force. But fear for the Millennium 'problem' made available huge sums of money as we experience at this moment. If indeed the solution lies in the above proposals, or in similar insights, then considerable financial resources could be redirected for big celebrations of unity and accelerated transformation / cleaning of our beloved planet.

Another thought. - When there were relatively simple ways to cure the ozone-problem and the rainforest-question, nothing (at least: not enough) happened. One day, reflecting on this, i came to think that it was eventually the divine force itself who wanted it this way, for yet unknown reasons. By focussing on this kind of thinking, i suddenly could grasp a possible explanation. Please don't get me wrong, all energy put into creating better conditions for humanity / nature is never lost, and highly appreciable.

Some preliminary reflections lead to the later conclusion. - When we are (= choose to be?) born in a certain place, we absorb the energy of that place. The more we ground there, the more our face / body will be formed by it.

Cool antiracism animation found via:

One of the main influence factors supposedly is the local climate. A multiversity of experiences was up to now one of the main reasons for choosing Planet Earth as our incarnation place. It was our goal to learn to find unity in diversity. The 'threatening' outer forces guided us in this learning process. Until recently, a lot of (non-)interaction was dependant of rather superficial characteristics like skin colour, caste, race, outer look, etc. It will be based increasingly on inner values.
A universal humanity will emerge, maybe also due to a world climate. Instead of extreme harsh climates, a mild and pleasant environment might be established. Living lightly on Earth means not to become too attached to a small place / region in particular. Traits of earlier incarnations can show through. This will result in a more universal look and mind, and a more transparent body.


One more point that needs special attention: the possible danger of atomic power/weapons. At this moment, thank Gods, Nuclear energy is cut back considerably (Note: In the beginning of the third millennium, that has dramatically changed to the worst - re-action is needed more than ever!). The solution to the raising energy needs lies in better (re)using it, not in sun- or wind- or biogas-energy alone. An ongoing miniaturization helps to bridge the gap up to the moment when known (Tesla, Keely, etc.) and still unknown safe(r) energies are available.

Concerning nuclear bombs: another scenario might end this threat. An up to now little-known sentence of the International Court in The Hague has added nuclear (like biological and chemical) weapons to the forbidden warfare on 8th July 1996. Several attempts to bring this in effect via the UN and with the help of former military generals did not yet succeed, but will inevitably. The recent bomb tests of India and Pakistan (mid 1998) make it obvious that we have to abandon nuclear weapons and power completely and unconditionally. See also special feature here.

A side-remark here. While Uranium, the fuel for nuclear plants, is highly dangerous for at least 2000 years, Plutonium (one of the most dangerous substances ever on Earth) is life-threatening for a minimum of 125.000 years! If we cannot avert this menace, Planet Earth will be lost... (Happily, one earnest danger, Superphénix in France, has been abandoned begin 1998, and Germany phases out nuclear power at all as decided in 2002).

Do you have similar / other interesting facts and ideas leading to unity-consciousness to share? Send your stories, url's, reflections to:

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