Why Postpone Paradise? (slightly updated 24 October 2006 / Sep 1011)
These musings are to be read slowly. In reverence to y-our time and energy, they are utterly concentrated. Instead of a book (it may later be realized) the content is distilled here in a few pages.


Watching the news in the merely beginning third Millennium could let us lose heart. But the question is: who is it looking?

Right, it is a mirror. To not confront the emerging possibility of eternal oneness, most of us communicate and take for real newsbits about doomsday, war, worldwide conspiracies, a.s.o.


Our story begins with a remarkable meeting with a time traveller, back in Spring 1975. It opened a door to a reality that is always here, but generally not accessible.

This story is told by 'i' (pronounced shortly as the 'i' in 'it'). The Gaia concept (e.g. by the mystic Pierre Theilhard de Chardin) reveals it as planetary unity: it is one 7 billionth part of y-ourself...

Yes, 'i' was also aware of 'networks of threat'. So much so that in Spring 1975, due to some insightful and confronting experiences, 'i' decided to sift to the bottom what could be the true identity of those who think they rule over this world.

If the Divine is omnipotent, 'i' argued, then all these forces are well under control. The challenge was to become open-minded enough to admit the Divine in exactly the most destructive and alienated forces.

After a few days of preparations, 'i' took the risk.

Firmly rooted in the presence of unity with the Divine ('i' has always kept it in this life), 'i' attempted to enter the mind/world of these dark elites. What was their divinity? How did they help (unconscious to them) to fulfill an as yet obscure destiny of planet Earth?


Having no illusions about the devastating results of the cabals' actions and carefully thought-out schemes (to name but one: 'valorization' - artificial shortage by withholding or destroying goods / food to get dominion or a higher marketprice), there had to be a deeper reason why they were allowed to seemingly rule the world.


Gradually, 'i' came to the following conclusions: The only people these mafia- / religion- / royalty- / ideology- / media- / entertainment- / weapons- / health- / food- / energy- / raw material- / resources- / industry- / union- / bank- / insurance- conglomerates had control over were those persons who are drawn to outer parade instead of inner virtues. Vital forces like wanting to become famous, or rich, controlling others, needing excessive sex, be enslaved by sado-masochistic traits, etc. drive them and let them become vulnerable to a vast network set up gradually by self-declared representants of Jesus Christ (most probably Vatican/Zionism - this is yet a hypothesis).


The explanation goes like this: The miracle around Jesus Christ was divinely staged to quicken a process of concentrating might. Christ understood cause and effect, it was all too clear that many followers would want to share their wealth to feel closer to the Divine messenger Jesus Christ. Thus after his 'death', the representants of JC in the course of centuries became burdened with enormous material goods. It is an all too human trait to want to keep what accumulates. The Christ's stand-ins soon came to develop strategies not only to secure, but to multiply the ammassed wealth. One way was to lend money with interest. A fatal scheme, as the story goes: One cent put in a bank at Year 1 A.D. with a tiny interest rate of some 2%, amounts to a sum way too high to pay back 2000 years later...


The surprising irony is that the representants of the Divine became in this way the exact opposite forces, too (as in the Bible the figure of apostle Judas already hinted). They became the ones who stage/d wars, cause/d famine, encourage/d and forge/d any kind of separation, set at random country borders with zones of stirred up conflicts, primarily to get hold of the resources of these places. By doing so, they hoard/ed more and more wealth. (Can you imagine that the National Banks are serfs to one PRIVATE network? - One consequence of such self-caused money rulers was the need to fund bigger and bigger projects, leading to nuclear power stations, gigantic dams, supertankers, fusion energy projects, newer warfare, currency conglomerates, Hedge Funds, Neutron bombs, Star Wars, etc.).

Ultimately, they began to believe they were destined to domineer this planet. Fools, they could not understand their true identity - they were used themselves to facilitate the breakthrough in consciousness humanity is on the verge to experience as a species. The long oppressed energy of so many individuals might even turn out to have been necessary for a decisive collective consciousness leap.


These vandals perfectly spotted the ones who were drawn to power, but were not (yet) ready to live for inner (higher, spiritual, unifying) values. The ones seeking worldly pleasures only, would have become eventually too strong in opposing the emerging new consciousness. In this way they became vasals, slaves for the cabals. Ever wondered why the top positions in politics, business, entertainment, social groups, religions, unions, and even the 'idealistic' sector are so often headed by people pretending something else than they are (forced to be)? Even if their own integrity is at stake, instead of stopping or leaving, they are ready to suffer, and let others suffer. The old judeo/muslim/christian drama.

Not all of these 'marionettes of the moneyrulers' are victims though. Some (are ready to) put the Divine above anything else. This is true service, possible even in the highest ranks of the present society. To judge or condemn based on outer appearance alone might therefore turn out to be utterly shortsighted.

Oneness means to accept first and foremost that all the presently 6,5 billion facets are part of one humanity/myself. A growing number of people can open their heart to this vast reality. They have most probably lived in the past the extremes like king or beggar, thief or guru, warhero or banker themselves or via their soulfamily. To find and radiate light, to feel compassion and unconditional love for ALL life manifestations sets free the energies to heal and restore the oneness.


Meanwhile, the revealed identity of the self-appointed 'almighty' dark forces inevitably leads to conclude that they have lost. Due to the density of matter, this takes a long time until it is visible to their own followers (who still believe in and therefore experience the threatening godfathers). Most mass media became corporatized. Not a best place yet to see the continuously emerging spiritual power.

- If this news makes sense to you, you may voice it via personal contacts, via various media, via Internet. Due to the core principle of the Akashic records, it was propagated anyway all over the world the moment it happened (Spring 1975).
- We create the world we think. Contribute y/our highest vision, and become inspired by the highest vision of y/our fellow planetary citizens.

To document a consciousness shift, humanity celebrated the beginning of the new Millennium as one big family. January 1st 2000 was endorsed as a day for Peace by the United Nations and the US Congress. It was a remarkably joyful and peaceful day indeed, without the grave disasters feared by Y2K (computer crash) experts. The UN International Year for the Culture of Peace 2000 began, followed by 2001-2010 as a UN Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World'. The living Nobel Peace Prize winners have called everyone to sign a Manifesto.

Can the elites and the governments serve the planet, instead of themselves only? Their in the past so often destructive power can be transformed to heal themselves and this planet (as we are anyway all One...).

Are we in for miracles?



To postpone paradise, the omnipresent massmedia repeat incessantly how hopeless the situation of the world has become. Each day anew, war, hatred, desperation is preached.

Insight alone obviously does not change the state of the world. Based on decades and centuries of misinformation and strategic disinformation of the 'moneymakers' in particular, countless persons throughout the world are ready to take up arms when triggered by certain events. Each country has a hostile neighbour, each city a competitive similar city, and each family an (often surprisingly similar) enemy-family. Particularly the monotheistic christian/jewish/muslim civilization is entrenched with the concept of sin. As an inevitable twin, guilt surfaces then. To make matters worse, wo/men are never able to fulfill the high demands we, the religions and our surroundings pose on ourselves. The easiest way to cope with this is to blame someone else. Hate is a daily reality in the small personal world, it would be a sheer surprise if the big world would not reflect this. Bad news has thus become a familiar consequence and an expected reflection of the own inner state...

To cement this, a new arms race has started after endless more or less fruitful negociations during the Eighties and Nineties. (Several texts of the original Treaties are available on this site here.)

Fear once again has overruled common-sense. The 'warlords' are in the process of once more setting the stage for decades of dependence from new and of course extremely expensive warfare. To justify this strategy after the 'Cold War' (USA against USSR / China) has ended in the Eighties, the fundamentalistic Islam is presented as the new threat. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran and alike are declared the new enemies. They are presented as an excuse to not stop the arms race at this moment. Israel, India, Pakistan, North Korea as the new nuclear weapons states remain another frightening danger.

On the other hand, a growing number of scientists, politicians, physicians, lawyers, religious and (former) military spokespersons, and numerous other individuals advocate a multitude of initiatives to end this nightmare before it would turn our marvel consciousness planet into a black hole...


The first version of this essay was posted in 1998. World-shocking events have taken place since. The question remains: What can we do?

Carefully monitor the mass media news. Feel in which chakra (body part) each message responds, and if anything else than unity and love is felt, forgive y-ourself and nevertheless imagine unity as prevailing, or inevitable. Even when it does seem contrary to the present situation! Every single moment is powerful. By deciding who / what gets y-our thoughts and precious energies, more attractive realities are brought into existence. To facilitate the realization of a desirable world, this website presents a cornucopia of supportive thoughts, projects, background stories, links. You are invited to co-create.
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