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A most surprising opportunity for one of the long-standing hot spots of our planet has emerged a few months ago. Typically, it was not voiced prominently, and only due to a remark of a good Eurowood friend (
Guido Hoogenboom, he held the interview with Zecharia Sitchin) i was made aware of it. He did not remember where he did spot the article, but thanks to this wonderful Internet, my advanced search pointed directly to the source: The official International Olympic Committee website!

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A higher goal can unite enemies. Why not take this further?
There are more sore spots on Earth. First and foremost of course in September / October 2001, Afghanistan is in the limelight. While i do not have the finances at this moment to award appropriate prizes, i nevertheless would like to
call for a contest to find the best projects for the Earth's troubled regions. What positive and life-affirming future could you think of, taking in account the specific needs and deeds of regions / groups, and the essentialities to end atrocities?

India / Pakistan is another conflict area. Likewise, what expresses their highest ambitions, their hidden common identity?
Africa, South America, Asia (Oceania, Australia, Europe, North America...) - so many forgotten peoples cry for survival and are in dire need for restored dignity.

An essential condition has to be established on Earth now and forever.
Humanity has to decide that Armageddon does not need to happen (anymore). Thousands of years, various religious texts prepared the minds for the ultimate Judgement Day. Numerous people would be very disappointed if an in their eyes unavoidable and rightful catastrophy would not proceed.

Therefore, we do need to address this part in y-ourselves that wants destruction. By understanding that every other being is another facet of y-ourselves, we will become ashamed by the futility of this mere self-destruction. It is high time to forgive y-ourselves for this illusion. This readies the heart to forgive all other (aspects of y-ourselves).

And see here - the end of war appears on the horizon. It is we who allow it to end, every moment, in every conversation. Planet Earth has had enough suffering. Let us try co-operation instead, share inspiration, build bridges, enjoy diversity and give away our unique gifts. Abundance is a possible Now.

Why Postpone Paradise?

Written 5 October 2001
Preliminary address for the contest:
P.O. Box 63123
NL-1005 LC Amsterdam

Help requested and appreciated.


Next to the UNITV proposal, another one has been developed based on the Millennium Meal concept.

This proposal was planned as a TV-program for 1998/99. Alas, the people who promised to introduce me for a presentation did not fulfil this request.

The proposal is based on an idea presented in the book 'Tree Island' by Linda Grover. I met Linda first during a conference for a celebration she co-organized for a 'Day500 before the Millennium' in August 1998 in Klamath Falls OR, USA. The tv-concept is worked out independently on my own account, it hopefully can be developed further in brainstorm sessions.

Would it be possible in the new Millennium to assure that each and every of the six billion earth inhabitants will have enough to eat, to begin with January 1st 2000? This was the provoking proposition of the book. The plan was proposed in the form of a 'Millennium Meal'.

To make this incredible task accessible on a smaller scale, planet Earth was divided in the 24 natural timezones.In other words: the Netherlands for instance is situated in the zone covering zero to fifteen degrees Eastern Longitude. It consists a big part of Western Europe and a central part of Africa.

The title of my TV-program accordingly would be: 0-15° EL.

The challenge remains to care for enough food for everyone on January 1st (2000 unfortunately was not possible as the most imaginative datum). Because this situation has all the ingredients of an infrastructure not yet in place, this is of course but a first attempt to establish more permanent solutions.

In a first phase, the (to begin with: European) TV-stations can use existing connections with African countries in the named longitudes to introduce the project. In a later phase, TV sister-organizations in other European and African countries can link and further develop the program format. Co-operation and attunement with existing aid- and relief networks here and there will be initiated and are essential.

This concept is a unique opportunity to profile especially the public broadcast networks, as an answer to an overwhelming influence of commercial stations. It offers a select opportunity to introduce a potentially strong formule of educative entertainment, which could last for years.

The best and most actual content in culture (music, dance, poetry, literature, movies, art, etc.), science and news coverage from the participating countries will become an essential part of the program.

And while writing this, more ideas develop. I hardly can wait to brainstorm further on 0-15° EL.

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