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And a new logo which was inspired by the Occupy movement:

Build Peace - in one of the hotspots of the planet:

A new plan for Palestine

(september 2011) 'The Arc' is a project that is unique in its scope. It is an inspiring and well-documented blueprint for a soon-to-be-built Palestine. The layout has as its center piece a fast railway line which connects Gaza with the Westbank along the natural hill curve. Combined infrastructure features allow for minimal resources, sustainable vectors and a new-found historical identity.

Rand Corporation (in a for once humanitarian project) called in 2002 for sponsors to finance studies how a succesful Palestine could be built. A donation by David and Carol Richards initiated a study "Building a Successful Palestinian State". Generous gifts by Guilford and Diane Glazer for further research resulted in a stunning prize-winning model 'the Arc' developped by Doug Suisman Urban Design, Santa Monica CA.

A video overview of 8:30 min presents key aspects of 'The Arc', a longer video and extensive free documentation is available at the Rand Corporation website.

See  http://www.rand.org/palestine

The shorter video is now also available on YouTube at:


All over the world, numerous small and bigger initiatives and groups are preparing a future that works.

At the moment, many people's movements are mainly directed against that what is not desirable. It is more powerful to state what you / i want, but to be against war is of course better than to be resigned.

The last few weeks have brought into the open an uprise for the cause of one of the poorest and most dishonoured people on Earth: the Palestine people.
Not in my Name
A Dutch initiative was 'coalitievoorvrede' which supported the young people's initiative 'Meeting the Enemy' started by Jewish and Muslim youth who invite each other for a meal to 'Feed Dialogue' you could say...
A dear friend, Guido Hoogenboom, did devise at their meeting on 10 October 02 a new project: 'Fly a Kite for Peace'. We were working on it, the preliminary concept is on this website

26 September 2002, updated 8 Nov '06 (intro to a revealing essay of Uri Avnery)
Insights - Middle-East
Many stupid comments are seen in the media right now about Iraq, and the Palestine / Israel question. It seems that all sense is lost in gambling with lives by above all two nations that feel to be superior: the USA and Israel. God or Jahwe or Allah never would kill someone, because a god understands that s/he is inescapable the killed one, too. Therefore, those who still want to kill demask themselves as disciples needing a long way to ascension. The people of these countries (voters, or non-voters) are to be blamed, too - they allowed the killers to come to power.
Thus, we have many bad representatives in the top positions of world politics (and business) at this moment who are not yet living an emerging consciousness of oneness. The only positive sign in this is that they glaringly expose the shortcomings of egocentric, arrogant, all-devouring, war-mongering and disrespectful behaviour. The former president Ronald Reagan, through his support of the life-denying neutron bom (leaves buildings, kills people), essentially brought forth the biggest peace movement in recent times. It became so easy for so many people to be against the nuclear bombs and especially the neutron bombs, and a fictionous star wars program. Maybe, eventually, possibly, could be that we are in the same situation now, end of September 2002, in the middle of the United Nations peace week.

What is at stake? Well, trillions of dollars for the bushies and the cheneys and rumsfelds and their henchmen.

(Rummy did go today 8th November 2006!!)
How much worse must the world situation become until you and you and you and you again (or for the first time) will lend support to the ones who care? Just focus y-our energy on the ones who contribute to dialogue, and learning, and understanding. It is a heartening thought to know that all over the world, in all places and all groups, the future leaders for the promised world of abundance and unity are already preparing the stage.
For inspiration, this website contains numerous traces and links to reveal the hidden potentials in y-ourselves.

Any Hopeful Signs? (personal commentary, 25 June 2002)

It is a monumental task to be hopeful in the adversities of the Middle East happenings, or at least what is made the world believe are the happenings. The most disquieting news in the last few weeks is the resurrection of a new Berlin Wall, now in Israel to fence off electronically the Palestine people. Insanity at the top. How could a people that has suffered so much in the past by being separated come to compareable apartheid-like measures? How big is the protest against such an insanity from the Israelians themselves? I have to admit that i did not follow the news closely recently, maybe there is a big uprise, but is it televised anyway?
Seen from a distant perspective, it seems so easy to see the Divine's urge to choose for liberty, on both sides. The fence does not stop on one side, the occupier is also occupied. Would anyone free-willed choose for such a disheartening daily reality? Are the ones who architected this craze, the mere executors of a Divine scenario to test 'God's people'? Indeed, you Israelians and Palestinians who have chosen to be (born) there at this moment in time, have a formidable chance to advance collectively. By your deliberate choice to work for unity, you energize the Divine in obviously one of the most difficult places on Planet Earth. Any seemingly insignificant step towards understanding and reconciliation allows all involved to grow spiritually. Nota bene, acting in accordance of the cosmic 'we are all one' will not solve problems. But it will open a space in which we can become excelling co-creators of the next step in human evolution.
Dear Israel and Palestine friends, see the privilege to be in the middle of the storm, your clear choice will have an enormous impact for the ones who are working in not so hot spots.
And by the way, the Olympic Peace Games are presently not featured on the website of the International Olympic Committee, but still available
here below with the original text of June 2001.

top Large Peace demonstration in Tel Aviv on Sat 11 May 2002

excerpts of http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/middle_east/newsid_1982000/1982024.stm

Tens of thousands of Israelis have taken to the streets of Tel Aviv to demand the immediate withdrawal of the Israel army and settlers from Palestinian territories.

The protest, organised by the [Israel] Peace Now movement, also called on the Israeli Government to pursue the Saudi peace plan which specifies a full withdrawal in return for full peace with Arab countries.

The demonstration - the largest by Israel's peace camp since the intifada began in September 2000 - gathered in Rabin Square, named after the assassinated Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
The rally came as priests in the West Bank town of
Bethlehem prepared to hold religious services in the Church of the Nativity, the first since the siege of Palestinian gunmen by Israeli troops there ended two days ago.
. . .
And from the website of PeaceNow Israel: "It is a very important message to the Israeli government, the Arab world and the international community. There is a peace camp in Israel and it is raising its voice," the leader of the main opposition Meretz party, Yossi Sarid, said.
"From tonight, (Israeli Prime Minister Ariel) Sharon can be assured there is no consensus for a military operation in Gaza", he added. Peace Now spokeswoman Gali Golan put the number of demonstrators at over 100,000 but the figure was not confirmed by police. Speaking from the podium, Sarid said there needed to be an "international mandate for the (Palestinian) territories".

(Updated 28 Sep 02)
Short News notice: today 26 April 02, an unexpected side paid tribute to the Palestini cause. The wife of the [meanwhile deceased] president of the European Central Bank, Gretta Duisenberg, flied the Palestinian flag in their Amsterdam house. She did this on her own account as a political statement. She voiced that too little is done against the Israelian proceedings in the Palestini territories. (Dutch primetime News, NOS broadcast 26 April 2002 at around 20:11:40 hrs). About a month later, neighbours accused / sentenced her of this solitary behaviour. (It was again in the News, but i could not track the source this time.)
She was threatened many times with death, but stays firm in being a stand for the Palestine AND Israel people to live in dignity. Today 28 September 02, she spoke once again at the occasion of a meeting to commemorate the second intifada which was provoked by Sharon and c.s. entering the holy Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem. She insisted that Israel first of all needs to follow the many UN declarations since 1949 who allow the two states to live alongside, and in dialogue. She drew the comparison to successful end of the Apartheid in South Africa brought through boycotting their products, and freezing diplomatic connections.

A Dutch website for the Palestinian cause is
http://www.palestina-komitee.nl with the relevant UN resolutions (in English). Another one is http://www.stopdebezetting.nl (parts in English).
Another Dutch initiative already mentioned http://www.coalitievoorvrede.nl


The animated GIF 'Starve war - Feed Dialogue' is my newest insight brought forth in re-action to the devastating events in Palestina / Israel around Easter 2002. This simple slogan indicates a possibility to reorient the Peace movement - 'starve war' or 'starve war-heads'. Try on to direct y-our energy and attention to the ones who are ready for a dialogue - in particular people who are young (at heart and mind). The challenge is to establish or empower networks and support structures to feed a more desirable reality. Internet is for the moment the best means to report on this, until the mass media (especially TV) are more willing to bring a successive stream of messages who are no longer focussed on war, but on fostering understanding and acknowledging the basic human rights of food, shelter and education for everyone.
Having voiced this, amazingly the prime time news and related broadcasts does for once [april/may 2002] exactly this, at least in this part of Europe: bring comments and analyses from (more) peace-oriented groups and individuals. There are quite a few people from non-violent groups and political organizations who went to Israel presenting themselves as human shields between the Israelian warmachines and Palestine civilians. And they are given airtime.

To see it in another perspective: It took a despotic behaviour like Sharon showed repeatedly to wake up numerous people worldwide to become aware what was going on while we were sleeping (rumour goes that he is acting like this for some 50 years!). The next essential move is that especially the people of Israel and their financers massively support those in government who do not instigate to h(umili)ate, and in contrary want legitimate partnership. Dialogue and reconciliation is urgently needed to heal this region and their peoples.
Is the 'new Jerusalem' closer than ever imagined?

top From: Bill Thomson <mailto:wthomson@umich.edu>

Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2002 1:02 PM

Urgent Call to the World Civil Society - Break The Conspiracy of Silence! - Israeli Supporters

We the undersigned Israeli citizens support the enclosed by urgent appeal issued by our Palestinian colleagues. We hereby call upon our fellow citizens to join us:

Prof. Aharon Eviatar, Hoffit
Dr. Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin
Prof. Avraham Oz, Tel Aviv
Prof. Baruch Kimmerling, Jerusalem
Dr. Daphna Levit, Tel Aviv
Dr. Daniel Amit, Rome
Dr. Edeet Ravel, Toronto,Ca.
Haim Hanegbi, Journalist, Tel Aviv
Dr. Ilan Pappe, Haifa
Dr. Lev Grinberg, Jerusalem
Pnina Feiler, Kibbutz Yad Hanna
Dr. Ruchama Maton, Tel Aviv
Adv. Tamar Pelleg-Sryck, Tel Aviv
Dr. Tikva Honig Parnass, Jerusalem
Yehudith Harel, Ramat Hasharon
Dr. Yossi Amitay, Kibbutz Gvulot
Uri Avnery, Journalist, Tel Aviv


29 March 2002


We, the undersigned, believe that a full-scale Israeli offensive throughout the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) is imminent and that such an unprecedented attack demands from global civil society an unprecedented response. For this reason, we urge global civil society - including human rights organisations, solidarity groups, and individuals - to take immediate direct action to stop Israel's all-out war against the Palestinian people and Israel's 35-year belligerent military occupation of the Gaza strip and West Bank, including east Jerusalem.

Today, Israeli occupying forces invaded the compound of PNA President Yasser Arafat in Ramallah as part of a systematic and longstanding campaign to undermine, humiliate, and destroy the Palestinian political leadership. Israeli troops have also seized complete control of Ramallah and imposed a total curfew. At the same time, Israeli officials have begun a massive military build-up, including the mobilization of 10,000 army reservists, in preparation for an openly declared war throughout the OPT [Occupied Palestinian Territory] that promises to be widespread, prolonged, and bloody.

Earlier this month, escalating Israeli attacks - including willful killings, indiscriminate shelling and aerial bombardment, complete economic and social suffocation, and mass destruction of housing and agriculture - culminated in full-scale invasions of Palestinian refugee camps and villages that killed hundreds of civilians. Statements by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon today referring to Arafat as the "enemy" and speaking of the need to "extirpate Palestinian terrorism everywhere it exists" indicate that such attacks are set to resume, with greater ferocity and scope, leading to disastrous consequences.

Palestinian civil society groups have warned for years that Israel's freedom to act as a state above the law would severely undermine chances for a just and lasting peace. After decades of occupation, apartheid, and ethnic cleansing and 18 months of all-out war against a civilian population, we call for the international community not to wait for massacres on the scale of those in Sabra and Shatila in 1982; the time for action is now.

The support for the Palestinian people shown by international solidarity groups, manifested in numerous statements, visits, and actions, has proved invaluable throughout this crisis. Now is the time for global civil society to use the momentum it has generated and the ethical integrity it has demonstrated to forcefully demand immediate action from governments to end the occupation, which is the root cause of the conflict. Governments, including those currently meeting at the UN Commission on Human Rights, must face direct and unambiguous pressure from their own people to immediately secure Israel's respect for the Fourth Geneva Convention and its complete withdrawal from the OPT as necessary steps towards achieving a just and lasting peace.

To this end, we call upon all those who oppose occupation, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes, who are committed to justice and peace, who are willing to speak truth to power, to:

1. Raise your voices to break the conspiracy of silence among governments that allows Israel, which enjoys the unlimited and unconditional support of the US, to commit war crimes and other violations of international humanitarian law with impunity.

2. Clearly, vigorously, and publicly demonstrate before governments and international organisations to demand immediate and effective protection for Palestinian civilians in the OPT, through protests, marches, media campaigns, and other peaceful means.

3. Demand that governments end military assistance to Israel, suspend economic ties, and support the prosecution of war criminals, and urge other states to do so.

4. Continue and intensify your activities as part of a sustained and systematic campaign to end the occupation, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and war crimes in the OPT and to support the legitimate rights and aspirations of the Palestinian people.

Now is the time for immediate and direct action, as the pattern of escalating oppression and brutality that we have experienced over the past 18 months moves inexorably towards a disaster whose consequences we can only begin to imagine. In this dark hour of suffering and determined resistance, we are sure that the worst is yet to come, but we are equally sure that, with the support of global civil society at this crucial time, peace and justice will prevail.


Dr. Heydar Abdel-Shafi
Dr. Hanan Ashrawi
Dr. Mustafa Barghouti
Dr. Azmi Bishara
Rana Nashashibi
Dr. Eyad Sarraj
Khader Shkirat
Raji Sourani
Mariam Arraf


Please contact your political representatives immediately and ask them to urge a cessation of hostilities on both sides. Also encourage them to urge the use of international observers, many of whom are currently in Ramallah and the surrounding area.

You can easily find how to contact for your own U.S. Senators and Congresspeople at http://government.aol.com

Date sent: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 14:15:30 +0200
From: Lev Grinberg <lev@bgumail.bgu.ac.il>
To: Adam Keller <adam@gush-shalom.org>


A group of 1000 Israeli citizens called The Secretary General of the United Nations Koffi Anan to convene an urgent meeting of the Security Council.
They demand to send an International Intervention force to stop the War declared by Israel. The speakers of the group, Dr. Lev Grinberg and Ms. Yehudit Harel, defined the IDF action in Ramalla as a war crimes. They called all their supporters to come tomorrow evening at 19.00 and demonstrate in front of the offices of the Security Minister.

More information: Dr. Lev Grinberg

top (added Easter Monday 1 April 2002)


The following is a translation from the website of Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid - Easter Sunday 31 March 2002

President of Iceland urged to work for peace in the Middle East or resign from office.

Thor Magnusson, founder of Peace 2000 and former Presidential Candidate of Iceland, delivered an appeal to President of Iceland Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, to launch an Icelandic peace initative in the Middle East or resign from office. A press release from Peace 2000 says that when Mr. Magnusson arrived at the Presidential Residence Bessastadir, the President had just got back from a jog, but spared a few minutes to talk to the guest. The appeal of Thor Magnusson to Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, on behalf of Peace 2000, was the following:

"Now when the world stands on end because of the situation in Israel and Palestine and as our colleagues from European peace movements are trying to take up positions in the office buildings of the Palestinian Home Rule to try to prevent the murder of President Arafat by the Israeli army, I make one more attempt at imploring you to use your position as President of Iceland for peace. Again I recall your promise when we were both Presidential candidates in 1996, that you would if elected, use the office of the President for peace activism. You underlined this many times in television interviews with references to your earlier work as a peace activist, and later reiterated this to me in personal meetings. However, now six years later you have done notthing. The time has come for you to show the solidarity that you promised to peace activism and keep your election promise!

The situation in the Middle East is rapidly developing into an all-out war that may lead the a broader conflict, even to a world war within a very short time. This transformation of events in the age of nuclear weapons poses a real threat to the future of mankind, the future of Iceland and its subjects. Those people who in good faith elected you as their President. I refuse to believe that you will continue occupying the Presidential offices and not even attempt to do anything for peace or to honor your election promises in this grave situation.

Peace 2000 partners have sent us the following news from the situation of the Palestinian town of Ramalla.

1. US made helicopters of the Israeli army hover over the city shooting at buildings and people.

2. Israeli bulldozers are being used to make way for armoured tanks in residential areas.

3. The journeys of doctors, ambulances and aid workers have been impeded. Red Crescent workers are prevented from providing medical assistance. Israeli soldiers shoot at people on the streets of the city.

4. More than 500 civilians, including foreigners, gathered at an Israeli army barricade and ask soldiers to allow them leave the town. The soilders replied with gunshots over their heads, causing even more fear and resulting in most of the people fleeing back into the city.

5. Israeli soldiers have been holding civilians hostage and using them as human shields. In some cases whole families and even tens of people have been isolated in one room, sometimes without food and drink, while Israeli soldiers have used their homes to take up armed positions all over the city.

6. Some districts of Ramalla are now lacking water and food. The Israeli army has impeded transportation. The Israeli army has even used the residents' food while they have used their apartments and houses as armed hideouts.

7. Large parts of the city are without electricity. Telephone lines have been cut. Civilians are kept in isolation and increasing numbers are gripped by fear.

8. Soldiers are walking through the streets, taking prisoners and calling upon all men between the ages of 16 and 40 to "surrender". The injured are denied medical care. There have been occurrences of executions by army personnel.

9. The Israeli army has driven tanks over civilian automobiles and strewn them in the street in front of the owners' homes. Personal possessions are destroyed in house to house "visits" and army searches.

10. Five officers in the Palestinian security forces were found dead in a building that housed Arabian newsrooms, banks and the Internet company Palestinian Online. It is clear that these men were killed without recourse to trials or laws.

11. The Israeli minister Uzi Landau has said today that it is important to topple the Palestinian Home Rule from power. Another influential person in Israel, Eli Yishai, has today also called for increased and more extensive military action. Such actions are of course completely contrary to the will of the international community and will only result in dramtatically escelating the conflict and topple the world further towards a global war.

Peace 2000 has sent a proposal to the Icelandic Foreign Ministry asking for discussions regarding the ALTHING-JERUSALEM concept. The idea is rooted in the Althing meeting at Thingvellir the year 1000, when Thorgeir Ljosvetningagodi set the scene for an almost unbroken 1000 years era of peace in Iceland. Peace 2000 has been in contact with President Arafat and the Palestinian Home Rule, together with many other parties in both Israel and Palestine, about the initiative. Those who have studied the proposal feel it is worthy of a closer examination, and that such an initative from Iceland could play a part in bringing about lasting peace in the Middle East.

In light of the support Iceland gave to the founding of the state of Israel, and recent escelation towards an all out war in the Middle East, the reticent response of the Icelandic authorities can only be described as a total lack of responsibility. Even people in ivory towers must realize that Iceland has a duty to do all in its power to stem against the bloodbath.

We have repeatedly also sent you appeals to use your Presidential position for peace initatives in the Middle East. We have offered our assistance and support and this offer is now repeated. The undersigned is prepared to travel without delay to the Middle East as your ambassador if this would help. It is important that an Icelandic peace inititative is launched in the area before the situation develops into a wider conflict or even a world war. We have cautioned against looking to the US for a peaceful solution. The importance of our message has been further underlines now that US President Mr. George Bush has taken a firm partial stance with Israel and can no longer be regarded as an impartial party.

I refuse to believe that you, a former peace activist and former head of a global peace network, will continue occupying the office of the President of Iceland without attempting to do anything. That you will allow a conflict develop that endangers the whole future of humankind without a murmur.

If you, Mr Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, do not have the courage to act for peace at this time of distress, I urge you personally, in light of your election statements in 1996, to immediately resign from your position as President of Iceland."


You have been sent this message because you have been in previous correspondance with the offices of Peace 2000.

Peace 2000, a non profit organization with associates in more than 40 countries. Peace 2000 was founded in 1995 at a town meeting set by the Icelandic Minister for the Environment with 500 people and speakers from organizations around the world, including UNESCO, World Court Project and the Chernobyl Childrens Project. Peace 2000 has been awarded for its Santa aid flights to war torn areas done under a special permission of the UN Security Council, by the Gandhi Foundation, UNESCO and the Greek Orthodox Church who decorated its founder, Icelandic Presidential Candidate Thor Magnusson with their Holy Gold Cross for humanitarian work at a ceremony in memory of Mother Theresa and Princess Diana. The work of Peace 2000 has been featured by REUTERS, CNN, ABC, CBS and others. Peace 2000 has worked together with several other charities, including the Red Cross and the Red Crescent. The work of Peace 2000 has been made entirely possible by the support of corporate and government sponsors including: Boeing Aeroplane Group, Alitalia, Icelandair, Air Atlanta, Air Cyprus, Royal Jordanian Airways, Cronus Airways, Parcelpost, LandRover, British Civil Aviation Authority, Eurocontrol, Hilton, Sheraton and Intercontinental Hotels, DHL, Shell, BP, Western Union and technology companies: Verisign, GlobeNet, Siebel, Ctirix, Trivium, Adenin and more than 300 other companies around the world. More information: http://www.peacecall.org . Telephone Iceland: +354 557 1000 or +354 552 2000.

This was a message to: gpaforum@yahoogroups.com (Global Peoples Assembly, http://www.ourvoices.org )

top GUSH SHALOM - p.o.box 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 - http://www.gush-shalom.org/

PRESS RELEASE 1 April 2002

Message from Neta Golan (Israeli activist at Arafat's besieged headquarters)

This evening we got a call from our fellow-activist Neta Golan, who yesterday succeeded in entering Yasser Arafat's besieged headquarters. It was only a short conversation, since the call broke off and could not be resumed.

Neta Golan, who is known for her courageous solidarity actions and has spent weeks in besieged villages, told that the mood in the compound is good though the supply of food and water is running low and in spite of the army's psychological warfare. Through loudspeakers there are made constant threats and from time to time "shock grenades" are lobbed. These grenades cause loud explosions but little physical harm. She said, everybody there is steadfast and determined not to leave except as free persons.

"I and my friends - international peace activists from Italy, France, the US and other countries, some of them of Jewish origin - have come here to act as a human shield in case of any IDF attempt to break in. The government should know that among those determined to face the soldiers unarmed and bar their way is also an Israeli from Tel-Aviv."

Neta Golan started to tell about members of the International Solidarity Group, located in Beit Jala, who marched today unarmed towards the Israeli tanks stationed there, and fire was opened at them. Seven of them were wounded, one was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

Then the call was abruptly cut off and could not be resumed - as happened on several previous occasions.


Further details: Adam Keller, Gush Shalom spokesperson

top (added Good Friday 29 Mar 2002)

How to surpass war-mind(s)

Only a few decades ago, a growing number of the world's citizens started to make continuously a heart connection via worldwide meditation circles. An unknown energy has resulted from that. It would have been logical that peace had prevailed.

This appears not the case. Did we miss something? Did we not try hard enough?

Maybe, just maybe, there is another sacrifice asked from us.

When we imagine that whatever appears outside, responds to an inside imbalance - then all what is to do is to bring harmony and unity to whatever catches y-our mind / world. Seen from this point, the mass media news are mere reports from the inner soul conditions. The challenge is to unite all aspects, by forgiving first y-ourselves / every-one, and then directing all energy to dialogue and negociation and constructive projects. The former enemy (parts) that respond to transformation are the ones to work with. Fostering those who had enough of (self)destruction, will alter former hostility to readiness to learn from each other.

This is a more promising way to go. Isolate the war heads by not paying too much attention to them. The mass media marionets make us believe in the(ir) favoured game of selling more (of their) weapons, the news are war machine shows each day again. A healthy investigative mind calls for analyzing who does attacks. From World War one and two, we came [or will come] to understand that these were set-ups by the war-minds.

Recent history will reveal the same, and still (a big part of) humanity let fool themselves by the military-industrial cabals. The(ir) power is based on y-our support.

Starve war.
Feed Dialogue.

Internet allows to communicate a better unity-reality. The ones who are ready to construct peace and harmony (in themselves) can share their achievements and inspire others in this monumental task. Chat facilities and community sites can provide a welcome family feeling.

The whole of Good Friday, worldwide meditation calls and local peace vigils were set up. Easter and Easter Monday was another chance to focus on emerging mind shift. Armageddon does not need to happen, peace and unity can forge reality in an instant. Creating is so much more fun than destroying.
And in creating, we become God-s. It is y-our next destination. Let it begin NOW.

top(added 18 Feb 2002) Excerpts of an e-mail received from Sabine Lichtenfels of http://www.tamera.org

Vera (Kleinhammes) was invited as a young speaker by the women peace organization "Women in Black". At the same time the trip was meant as a preparation for the International Peace camp which we will hold in Tamera (Portugal) from the 5th of August to the 6th of September 2002. To this we invite Israeli and Palestinian peace workers and young committed people.
We received deeper insight into the political situation of the country through our talks with Gideon Spiro and Uri Avnery (
(see next article)). For people who want to get more information about the situation I recommend "80 Thesis'" by Uri Avnery. This shows the complex situation of the country very clearly. We talked to committed Rabbis, like Jeremy Milgrom of the "Rabbis for Human Rights", who is well known in Germany for his commitment.

Together with him we visited the Palestinian Refugee Camp Aidacamp near Bethlehem. We got to know Palestinians who had witnessed children being shot directly in front of their eyes by Israeli soldiers, people who have been hurt themselves and who nevertheless decided against hate and, instead, committed themselves to peace work. The 22year old Kareem Amira is building up the social centre and peace initiative "Lajee Center". We got to know Rabbi Eliyahu McLean of the "Peacemaker Community" who is engaged in bringing together leaders from different religions. With him I visited the well known Sufi master Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari.
Other important encounters were: with founding members of Neve Shalom/Wahat Al-Sala. (Oasis of Peace) - a community of Jews and Palestinian Arabs of Israeli citizenship, existing for over 25 years. With Mohammad Darawshe - director for Public Relations at "Givat Haviva" - an organization that brings together Arabs and Israelis. And with Dr. Neve Gordon - a young professor for politology in Jerusalem. He organized, with "Ta'ayush", a food convoy of about 80 cars to the occupied Palestinian village Beit Umar. We participated in this convoy which was both very peaceful and moving.

Unfortunately the media scarcely covered this event. Instead they chose to show the violence which occurred at a much smaller gathering at a different checkpoint. It was generally very striking how much more the press is interested in sensation stories than in real peace initiatives.

top(10 February 2002) Is this the intended Scenario?

The following shortened scenario is derived from the website of the Israelian peace organization Gush-Shalom. Their initiator, Uri Avnery, wrote in an article [yesterday], headlined The Great Game:

'Some weeks ago, something curious happened: Israel discovered that Iran is the Great Satan.
By wondrous coincidence, at exactly the same moment a ship was captured that, allegedly, carried Iranian arms to Arafat. And in Washington Shimon Peres, a man for all seasons and the servant of all masters, accosted every passing diplomat and told him stories about thousands of Iranian missiles that have been given to the Hizbullah.
So here comes the Israeli leadership and shouts from the roof-tops: Iran is the enemy! Iran must be attacked!
Who has made that decision? When? How? And most importantly ? Where? Clearly not in Jerusalem, but in Washington DC. An important component of the US administration has given Israel a sign: Start a massive political offensive in order to pressure the Congress, the media and American public opinion.

Who are these people? And what is their interest? A wider explanation is needed.

The most coveted resource on earth is the giant oil-field in the Caspian Sea region, that competes in scale with the riches of Saudi Arabia. In 2010 it is expected to yield 3.2 billion barrels of crude oil per day, in addition to 4850 billion cubic feet of natural gas per year.

The United States is determined (a) to take possession of it, (b) to eliminate all potential competitors, (c) to safeguard the area politically and militarily, and (d) to clear a way from the oil-fields to the open sea.

This campaign is being led by a group of oil people, to which the Bush family belongs. Together with the arms industry, this group got both George Bush senior and George Bush junior elected. The President is a simple person, his mental world is shallow and his pronouncements are primitive, bordering on caricature, like a second-rate Western. That is good for the masses. But his handlers are very sophisticated people indeed. It's they who guide the administration.

The Twin Towers outrage made their job much easier. Osama Bin Laden did not comprehend that his actions serve American interests. If I were a believer in Conspiracy Theory, I would think that Bin Laden is an American agent. Not being one, I can only wonder at the coincidence.
President Bush knows how to reward those who serve him well. Sharon got a free hand to oppress the Palestinians, imprison Arafat, assassinate militants and enlarge the settlements. It's a simple deal: You deliver the support of the Congress and the media, I deliver the Palestinians on a platter.

This could not happen if America was still in need of allies in Europe and the Arab world. But in Afghanistan, the Americans learned that they don't need anybody anymore. They can spit in the eyes of the pitiful Arab regimes, that are always begging for money, and disregard Europe altogether. Who needs the negligible armies of Britain and Germany, when America alone is mightier then all the armies of the world combined?
The idea of American-Israeli cooperation against Iran is not new for Sharon. On the contrary, in 1981, when he was just appointed Minister of Defense, he offered the Pentagon a daring plan: in the event of Khomeini's demise, the Israeli army would immediately occupy Iran, in order to forestall the Soviet Union. The IDF would turn the country over to the slow-moving Americans, once they arrived. For this purpose, the Pentagon would stockpile in advance the most sophisticated arms in Israel, under American control, to be used in this operation.

The Pentagon did not accept the idea at that time. Now, the cooperation is being established against a different background.

What conclusions should we draw from all this?

First of all, that shall be located on the frontline of this coming war.
Second, that those of us who desire an Israeli-Palestinian peace cannot rely on America. Now everything depends on us alone, the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Our blood is more precious than Caspian Sea oil. At least to us.

Uri and Rachel Avnery (Israel) are the founders of the peace movement Gush Shalom. It is dedicated to justice and reconciliation between the Israelian and Palestinian peoples. They are (among) the winners of the Alternative Nobelprize 2001. http://www.rightlivelihood.se

top(16 December 2001) David versus Goliath 2001 A.D.

In the wake of the utterly disquieting happenings in Israel / Palestina, new grounds need to be chartered again. Only months ago, it seemed much simpler to swiftly end age-old conflicts, also due to two scenarios.

First, Israel applied last April for the Olympic Games 2012. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) visited Israel on 3rd June 2001, together with Palestina. The IOC President considered that Tel Aviv had the potential to bid for the Games. But he was clear. "You need one condition, and it is Peace. Without peace, it is impossible to organise the Games", said the IOC president before suggesting that the NOC's (National Olympic Committees) commonly present their candidature as the "Peace Games 2012"...

- see

Two side remarks: To become the shared Peace Games 2012, the place has to be more neutral. The wide area of the by then International Capital Jerusalem (uniting Jews, Arabs and Christians) is a better place. Plus: It is worth reflecting on the Peace Games 2012 for the whole region of Middle-East, calling on peace advocates like the former Queen Noor of Jordan, etc.

Secondly, the fear for an Armageddon falsely interpreted as inevitable from the Bible, Koran and Thora stories avenges peace, because Paradise is postponed. War is thus perceived as inevitable.

War is also seen as caused by the other. In the interpretation of Israel prime minister Sharon, the elected statesman of Palestina, Yasser Arafat, is responsable for his people when an attack happens to Israel.

Think about it. With no means at all (in the last few weeks of 2001 reducing even the bare essentials and demonstratively 'emprisoning' Arafat before the world's eyes), the almighty Goliath Israel crushed little David. Is it accidental that in the bible story, David defends himself with a stone catapult? This is the predominant 'weapon' that is used by many young Palestines.


Some 120 nations recognize the state of Palestina to date. They are urged more than ever to become the lead advocates for Yasser Arafat as the democratically chosen representant of its people. The extremistic elements in all camps who thwart a peace process and sensible negociations have to be identified and isolated deliberately, up to the highest ranks.

The world did get a bloody demonstration in Afghanistan to where extremism leads and is fueled for selfish interests. (The true motifs and manipulations of the ones who [think they] pull the strings remain to be revealed.) There, the United Nations was put aside, we should not repeat this mistake. Let the UN become the prime advocate to right the wrongs, and to give a new self-confidence to the ones who do not have unlimited resources to manipulate the mass media. A dialogue is needed, taking in account the basic needs of all the parties. By the way: Survival is the most essential condition shared by homo sapiens.

A process of healing is needed. When this is done with a real heart energy, many other conflict areas will de-sensitize. Humanity is to be seen as one body. The part represented by Palestina is in death agony right now. Hold on just a little longer, rescue is coming. Come forth the ones who comfort, reconciliate, build bridges, lend an ear, overcome fear, and anger, and hate. For in the end, it is y-ourself who is in pain. Women are especially encouraged to offer their soothing energies. In many places, they are the only ones who despite everything still co-operate across borders.

Similar to my proposal for Afghanistan, it can now be the [Palestini] women who are offered microcredits to build up the country when the focus has shifted on creating instead of destroying. Combined with new interest-free money schemes like UNILETS, time currencies, UNO-Income, and the like, tiny amounts can go a long way, and at the same time restore the deeply wounded dignity in a short time.

top Jerusalem Summit 2001

Beginning of November 2001, i took part in the Light Summit 2001. This is a yearly meeting of members of a worldwide meditation network initiated by Michael Lightweaver back in 1987 (see http://www.n2012.com ). The last Summit was in February 2000 in Thailand, the next one is planned in March 2003 in Bali. And from 6 - 10 November this year, the place to be was Jerusalem. About 60 participants from some 17 countries came together in a marvelous place in the Old City near Jaffa Gate / New Gate: The Knight Palace Hotel. We were determined to work on the seemingly desperate situation in Israel / Palestina in particular. With a focus on healing energies, it emerged that cleansing was needed most. The picture that evolved was water that softens the rock. Jerusalem is a city with layers and layers and layers and layers of rock, symbolized in fundamentalistic beliefs and petrified thoughtforms. The three religions who claim Jerusalem as their holiest place believe interestingly enough commonly in the most fossilized concept of all, Armageddon, as (mis?)interpreted in the Torah, Koran, Bible. Is this one of the hidden reasons why war is so persistent in this region? A fragile peace is mistrusted, war becomes a relief because it responds to a fundamentally held yoke of suffering. Michael backed these musings with a one-liner that he found a few years ago: 'Armageddon has been cancelled, due to lack of interest.'

Another contribution i wanted to offer was the positive vision for the Olympic Games of Peace 2012 for Jerusalem (as described here).

- A new round of hatred and violence struck Israel / Palestina shortly after our Summit. It needs a big heart to hold on to healing instead of condemning. By not fueling anger and grief on either side (yes, an almost inconceiveable task, if the past can not be forget), transcending insights and transforming actions will occur. Powerful forces are at work who try to kill or silence all but extremists. It reveals a strategy, adapted most recently in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, supposedly as well as in Columbia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Kashmir, and so on and so on.

A comforting thought is that in the light of reconciliation, the ones who are not (yet) ready to forgive will cling on to their urge to deny unity anyway, but will get supported less and less. The roles have changed. Due to the density of matter, eminently visible in hate-preaching mass media content and reptile politic(ian)s for instance, a clear decision for an ever-more including reality has to be made each and every moment individually. Synchronically, this builds a strong basis for an all-encompassing (if necessary parallel) world, that honours the highest source as the true originator of all possibilities.

(13 December 2001) In sight of the newest terrible attacks, a positive view is challenged to the max. Yasser Arafat becomes isolated and an Israel 'Goliath' shows despotic traits. The carefully maintained story of poor Israel becomes a farce, and the righteousness with which the mighty crush the weak is something to feel very sorry about. Again, the moderate are attacked, the extremists gain, likewise they were installed and supported in Afghanistan (designed as an aberrated showpiece to gain wide applause when attacked later). Will we ever learn? A strong support for Palestina NOW may give a tiny hope to avert a historic mistake. Peace can only temporarily be won by suppressing a rightful people. The United Nations has to address and stop this drama. The price for the Goliath's arrogance will be to place Jerusalem under international custodianship, guaranteeing free access for all. See the article above written on 16 December.

top A Vision of Hope for the Middle-East

A most surprising opportunity for the Middle-East has emerged a few months ago. Typically, it was not voiced prominently, and only due to a remark of a good friend (
Guido Hoogenboom, he held the interview with Zecharia Sitchin) i was made aware of it. He did not remember where he did spot the article, but thanks to this wonderful Internet, my advanced search pointed directly to the source: The official International Olympic Committee website! (The original article was available at http://www.olympic.org/uk/news/publications/press_uk.asp?release=145.)


Tel Aviv, 4 June 2001

During the weekend, the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) visited the NOC (National Olympic Committee) of Oman on Saturday and the NOCs of Palestine and Israel on Sunday.

In Tel Aviv, the IOC President was welcomed by IOC member Alex Gilady and the Olympic Committee of Israel, led by President Zvi Varshaviak, Secretary General Arie Rosenzweig, and Director General Efraim Zinger. They escorted the IOC President and the Director of Olympic Solidarity Pere Miro to the Erez crossing section, where the Palestinian delegation was waiting.

In Gaza, the IOC delegation met with a representative of the Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, Doctor Zaccaria Al-Alra, as well as by Governor Al-Kodwa. The Palestinian NOC, headed by its president Ahmed Al-Kodwa, Secretary General Omar Hussein Ali, and Director General Abdelhamid Ghanem, took the IOC delegation to the site of the future NOC headquarters, where the IOC President unveiled the plate commemorating the start of the works. A short sports festival followed at the Palestine Complex, including karate and volleyball demonstrations.

During their meetings, the delegations discussed the ways to implement the Olympic Solidarity programmes in the region, especially the preparation of palestinian athletes for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. The Palestinian Olympic Committee participated with one athlete in Atlanta in 1996, and two athletes, a long distance runner and a swimmer, in last year's Sydney Games.

The IOC delegation then returned to Tel Aviv to meet the NOC of Israel. The IOC President, in the name of the IOC, laid a crown of flowers at the place where 20 youngster were murdered by a suicide bomber on Friday, in front of a popular discotheque at Tel Aviv's beach resort.

The Mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, confirmed the plans of Tel Aviv to become an applicant city for the 2012 Olympic Games. The project is supported by Mr Gilady and the NOC of Israel. The IOC President considered that Tel Aviv had the potential to bid for the Games. He was clear: "You need one condition and it is Peace. Without peace, it is impossible to organise the Games", said the IOC President before suggesting that the NOC present their candidature as the "Peace Games", which should include some sports events in the Gaza strip.

It was the first visit to the Palestinian NOC of the IOC President who intends to complete his visits to all 199 NOCs before the end of his mandate next month. The trip to Palestine completes his Asian tour. He is due to visit the three remaining NOCs, Burundi, Comoros and Eritrea, during an African tour next week on the occasion of the ANOCA General Assembly in Mombasa.


A well-known phrase states that sport unites. Let us emphasize and energize this most welcome chance. But the place for the Olympic Games 2012 should not be Tel Aviv but (the wide area of) Jerusalem instead, which by then will demonstrate the loving co-operation between the three monotheistic religions of the world: Jews, Muslims and Christians.


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